Our services

Our services

Optimization of panel processing

Panel dimensions are processed on a computer to achieve maximum usage of the panels, which are cut into individual elements for furniture.

Edge banding

We offer edge banding solutions with straight and curvilinear cuts. Banding is done exclusively using PUR adhesive which is resistant to heat and water.

Pressing services

Pressing means overlaying a laminate or veneer on core panel material, with different thickness and decors as desired by the customers (Max. format 3000 x 1200 mm).

Panel Sizing

The panels are being cut according to the scheme of cutting plans in a fully automated processing line, so the possibility of errors is minimized.

CNC processing

CNC processing of panels includes cross cutting, profiling, rebating, sizing, grooving, drilling and engraving.

Planning / design services

Planning/Designing of living or work space is not easy – that is why we offer expertise planning and designing solutions. Our experts will help you find the perfect solution through custom made 3D models using special CAD programs in order to create the best possible vision of your living or work space.